Glitter is here to stay

Lemonhead.LA Glitter Cosmetic

Lets face it, glitter is here to stay. This is no longer a “phase” or a “trend” and Lemonhead.LA has proven to be THE GO TO GLITTER FOR ALL OCCASSIONS



Change of seasons means change of hair care

winterhairChange of seasons means change of hair care


Did you know that with each season your hair will go through changes. Now that Summer is on the way out and the cooler months are setting in, its time to change your hair care products.


Detox your hair

hairdetoxHair Detox

Deep cleanse, exfoliate or detox- Your hair and scalp need it. We apply product everyday, whether it is a smoothing oil or a volumising mousse. Sure your regular shampoo will eliminate 80% of these products from the hair, but what about your scalp? We often talk about the health of the hair and how to hydrate and repair with treatments, what about a detox?

Top Styles In 10 Minutes Or Under

ponytail There are plenty of reasons we love quick, simple hair styles that make everyone look and feel fabulous. Who has 30-45 minutes in the morning spare to spend blow drying and styling  without having to set the alarm? Whether you are running late for a business meeting, or a Mother rushing off for school runs. We have you covered from sleek and straight to textured and chic. 



How to Maintain Healthy Hair In Summer

beach-hair-blogWe all love summer,  we are Australian so it is apart of us to be calling the beach our second home. We either go for a walk in the mornings, a quick dip at lunch, or enjoy a picnic of an evening. Either way we always find our selves enjoying the sun, sand and the sea water.  Did you know that these elements can de-hydrate our hair, so how do we start preventing this damage?

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