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INSPIRED BY ANCIENT EGYPT.... the birth place of "attars", the natural oils of plants, flowers and woods. ATAR GOLD is a leader in creating the latest innovations in "green science" technology. First we created an extraordinary, alcohol, oil & phthalate free natural fragrance that responds to your body’s chemistry. Made with signature serum base called "Velvesilk" featuring 24K gold that glides over your skin like silk with leading notes of organic sandalwood, bergamot, and black pepper that creates either a spicy, woody or fresh and powdery scent depending on your body chemistry. OUR LATEST INNOVATION - PHYTO-LUX Hair Care Essentials featuring our proprietary PHYTO-LUX COMPLEX made with pure colloidal gold, moringa oil, plant stem-cells and Egyptian Blue Lotus.

  1. Hydrate Protect Shampoo

    295ml Hydrate Protect Shampoo
    Hydrate Protect Sulfate-Free Shampoo - golden luxurious lather, natural attars for aromatherapy, pure gold and plant-stem cells hydrate and protect texture and hair color.Atar title=
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  2. Nutrient Elixir Leave In Bodifier

    250 ml Nutrient Elixir Leave In Bodifier
    Leave in bodifier, for all hair types. Infused with Moringa oil providing hydration, natural proteins with anti ageing properties. Heat protectant and UV protection. Apply to damp hair and style. Atar title=
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  3. Rejuvenate Hair Masque

    177ml Rejuvenate Hair Masque
    Full of proteins, amino acids to strengthen hair texture, micro vitamin E beads to nourish the hair, and phyto-cell technology with moringa oil, pure gold and plant-stem cells to restore damaged, frizzy hair and revitalize hair colorAtar title=
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  4. Ultra Light Daily Conditioner

    236 ml Ultra Light Daily Conditioner
    Ultra Light Daily Conditioner - Atar Gold daily conditioner is ultra light weight, adding shine whilst offering colour protection, protection from the sun. Infused with moringa oil and pure 24k gold combined along with the photo-cell technology are guaranteed to nourish and control frizz. No sulphates or parabensAtar title=
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